Mole removal

How Do You Remove A Mole?

Moles are so common that almost every adult has a few of them.  Most moles appear on an individual’s skin during puberty or adolescence and they grow with the child.  However, for adults, new or changing moles can be a sign of melanoma. Other signs of cancer include a mole that is growing, bleeding, or changing in any way.  Mole removal only needs to take place if it is bothersome, unattractive to the patient, or suspected to be cancerous. When removing a mole your dermatologist will either perform a surgical excision or surgical shave.  In the excision, the entire mole is cut off and the skin is stitched back together. The surgical shave consists of shaving off the mole using a blade. During both types of mole removal, the moles will be examined to see if they are cancerous or not.  

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