Valerie Stern, PA-C
Physician Assistant

Valerie Stern, DMSc, MPAS, PA-C is a board-certified physician assistant with over 20 years of dermatology experience. Valerie attended UCLA as an undergraduate, and USC Keck School of Medicine, receiving her degree in Physician Assistant Practice. Upon graduation, Valerie spent 2 years obtaining her Master’s degree, specializing in dermatology.


During this time, she received training in general, cosmetic and laser dermatology by some of the top dermatologists in the Los Angeles area. Valerie continued on and received her doctorate degree in clinical medicine with a specialization in dermatology. Valerie has a passion for what she does and an enthusiasm that keeps her up to date in her specialty. She enjoys general dermatology as well as cosmetics and lasers.


She spends a lot of time training on new techniques and new equipment, while perfecting her performance so her patients receive the very best care.  Valerie enjoys fashion, art, design, and travel. She shares her home with a Siamese, an Oriental Short Hair, and a stray cat that she adores. She loves to cook and bake when she can find the time to do so.

What comes along with my card game purchase?

A deck of expertly curated prompts that spark courageous conversations and light a fire under even the most 'set in their ways' congregation member; A vibrant and supportive online community to help you live into the bold new vision for your church that comes from asking better questions; and a ton of events and bonuses!

Where can I buy the Things To Talk About At Coffee Hour card game?

Things To Talk About At Coffee Hour is currently available almost everywhere in the world for sale by us: We sell the main game and all of the tools needed to get started on your journey towards a new vision for your church for $35 (Starter Pack) and the Expansion Packs for $25 in Canada. Expansion Packs provide an opportunity to delve more deeply into important topics like race in the church and church stewardship.

How do I play the Things To Talk About At Coffee Hour card game?

The rules are included in every order. The game can be played while gathered virtually or safely in-person (during the COVID-19 pandemic) with your faith group. 1) Sit facing one another, either within an online meeting or seated in a circle. 2) Choose 4 cards at random, and distribute them among selected question readers in your in-person group or have the holder of the deck act as a reader of all 4 cards in your online meeting. 3) The first selected reader or holder of the deck begins asking the group their question. 4) Continue through all 4 questions. Every question must be asked, but not every question must be discussed. To 'skip' or 'pass' a question, the group must sit together in thoughtful silence for 60 seconds.

Can I sell the Things To Talk About At Coffee Hour card game at my store or conference?

If you'd like to get more information on wholesale opportunities, please send an email to

I would love to learn more about Jordana!

Jordana Wright is a leader in the development of innovative ministries and mission-driven ventures. Outside of the weekly office hour calls she provides, she works as the Managing Director of Activate Space (, an innovative ministry that helps congregations transform buildings under stress into vibrant and financially sustainable community hubs. Her expertise is in helping faith groups expand their social impact while reaching their financial sustainability goals. This includes guiding emerging ministries and aspiring faith-based solopreneurs through the process of developing innovative programming, partnerships, products, and property strategy (which is what she does best).

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